I have treated my fleet of over 20 Freightliners with The Fuel Ox additive and the results have been more than satisfactory. I have used all types of additives in the past and was formerly a proponent of Howe’s Meaner Power Kleaner, but The Fuel Ox is Howe’s on steroids! I have seen an increase in mileage of almost 10%, more power and smoother engine performance in all of my trucks.

Our Public Works Department has had a positive experience with The Fuel Ox. The vehicles--especially the older ones--have had more power, smoother running engines and better fuel mileage since we started using the product. The Fuel Ox helped clean the injector pumps in our Ford’s and GMC's that were causing some issues. Before using the additive, we used mid-grade gas, but we've saved money by switching to low-grade because The Fuel Ox improves the fuel quality. Also, we use to have severe bacteria and algae build-up in the fuel storage tanks, but the bacteria screens have been spotless since using The Fuel Ox. The product has also reduced the cost of service, especially in regards to the service of fuel pumps. What's really impressive is that The Fuel Ox does what use to take 2-3 fuel additives to fix. We are very satisfied and look forward to continuing to use it in the future.

Thank you for allowing us to participate in the Fuel OX trial. We started the trial in August 2014 and it ran for approximately two weeks; in the beginning without Fuel OX we were getting about 7 miles to the gallon (on gasoline engine) and about 11 miles to the gallon (on diesel engines). After we started the Fuel OX (the very next day) we were getting about 7.7 miles to the gallon on gasoline engines and about 11.4 on diesel engine.
What was even more impressing is the fact that one week after the trial we continued to see improved gas mileage above the first week, about 9 on gasoline engine and 12 on diesel engine. The product is excellent and I am looking forward to continued business.

In reference to the additive called Fuel Ox we confirm that we have tested it on the 720 KVA MTU 12V2000 engine type G63 and after a period of 10 days we found that there was a reduction of smoke and nitrogen oxide. The increase of the efficiency of the combustion of diesel fuel by 8 %. We experienced stabilization of the fuel and thereby reduction of slime as well as a reduction in pollution through the reduction of waste coal- detected at around 70%.

I tested the additive on our 2003 Case IH STX 275 with a Cummins 550 engine which we use as a planting tractor. My savings of 7.55% is significant as I watch every nickel I spend.

Testing on our 480 Mercedes over a combined 6268 kilometers we found that the average of 3.7 km/liter with the Fuel Ox versus the 3.4 km/liter without resulted in a 10.96% savings. Our second test on the Scania R500 over a combined distance of 9358 kilometers we showed 3.65 km/liter vs. 3.2 km/liter for a savings of 14%. Our trucking company has tested your product on all our company vehicles and have found a fuel savings of 8-10% on our trucks and slightly higher on our cars. The result is more than satisfactory.

We've been using The Fuel Ox at our Public Works Department for 3-4 months now and have noticed that our diesel particulate filter systems are much cleaner. As a result, there's more time in between regenerations than before using The Fuel Ox. I have also noticed that the trucks start a lot better when its cold out. We are satisfied with the product and look forward to using it more in the future.