Frequently Asked Questions

Does your fuel additive really work?

Yes, we have numerous third party “on the job” test results covering a wide range of applications. And testing The Fuel Ox™ for yourself is simple and inexpensive.

What is the ratio of fuel additive to fuel?

One part The Fuel Ox™ to 10,000 parts of fuel.

Does The Fuel Ox™ impact the time the fuel/air mixture resides in the combustion chamber?

Normal engines ignite at between 240 and 250 degrees Celsius (depending on engine type and  other external factors).
The Fuel Ox™ reduces the ignition temperature by more than 60◦ C, therefore the fuel/air mixture spends less “residence time” in the combustion chamber. This leads to improved fuel efficiency, cleaner processing and reduced maintenance costs.

Does The Fuel Ox™ increase the number of BTUs per gallon?

A gallon of gasoline contains about 154,000 BTUs. That doesn’t change. What does change is the efficiency with which those BTUs are extracted.
Modern engines extract about 80 percent of the BTUs in the fuel. The Fuel Ox™ increases efficiency by lowering the residence time (see above). It also improves efficiency by aiding the catalyst process and unclogging injectors, making it easier for engines to burn fuel and indirectly increasing mileage or hours of operation.
The short answer is that nothing increases BTU’s. However The Fuel Ox™ helps engines extract the quantity of BTUs in the fuel more efficiently.

How does your fuel additive differ from others on the market?

Years of testing in laboratories and on the job have shown it to be superior in most respects relating to fuel efficiency, pollution reduction and engine maintenance. It is also the most economical, considering its concentration.

Is The Fuel Ox™ registered with the Environmental Protection Agency?

The Fuel Ox™ is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—Sec 211 of the Clean Air Act and is on the EPA’s list of registered fuel additives for use in both gasoline and diesel engines - updated July 1, 2014.
The Fuel Ox™ also satisfies:

  • ASTM (D-­975) -­ ASTM International
  • U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 51222)
  • U.S. Military Specification (MIL L 87177a)
  • U.S. Department of Defense Specification (DOD A-24682)

Does The Fuel Ox™ contain alcohol or ethylene glycol?

No, alcohol and ethylene glycol are corrosive, and would damage an engine.

Is The Fuel Ox™ toxic?

The Fuel Ox is for industrial use and should be handled as you would any other industrial chemical/additive. Please read the MSDS document posted on our website

How long has your fuel additive been used?

More than 30 years, by the U.S. military and other commercial customers.

Can you provide us with testimonials/references?

Absolutely, contact us for more information.

How do you ship The Fuel Ox™?

We ship as necessary to satisfy customer requirements. For those who require four US gallons or less, we ship via FedEx or other common carrier. For larger users we also ship 55 gallon drums.

Does The Fuel Ox™ need to be mixed or stirred with the fuel?

No. The Fuel Ox™ is poured into the fuel tank and reacts with the fuel on a molecular level.

Does The Fuel Ox™ impact the warranty?

No. The Fuel Ox™ has only proven to have a positive effect on engines. The Fuel Ox™ has been tested and complies with ASTM D-975.  In more than 30 years there have never been any claims on the Manufacturer’s insurance policy that covers the cost of engine damage attributed to using the additive.

What is the shelf life of The Fuel Ox™?

Twelve months and longer under the right conditions.